Fish Fryday!

Hello Friends, This weekend we have; Fresh Red Emperor Fresh Goldband Snapper Fresh Barramundi Fresh Atlantic Salmon Cod Flake Whiting and Coral Trout 😀 See you soon!!

Fish Fryday!!

Come on down and tke advantage of this weekend’s selection. We have; Fresh Goldband Snapper  Fresh Sweetlip Fresh Barramundi Fresh Atlantic Salmon Cod Flake Whiting AND, tomorrow (Saturday, [...]

Burger Selfie!!

We had great fun with our July giveaway!!! So with August just around the corner, we thought we’d do a new one!!! Share with us your Chips & Co. Eatery experience. Take a photo of our [...]

Fish Fryday!

This weekend we boast great selection for every taste.   Fresh Mangrove Jack Fresh Moses Perch Fresh Barramundi Fresh Atlantic Salmon; as well as   Cod Flake Coral Trout Whiting; and Flathead.   [...]

Fish Fryday!

It’s Friday… You know what that means!!! Fish! Guys today we have; Fresh Goldband Snapper (back in da house) Fresh Red Emperor (because it was such a hit last weekend) Fresh [...]

Lunch Specials!

Come on down; today we boast two lunch specials. Fresh Barra, half serve of chips & salad for $12.90; or Fresh Moses Perch, half serve of chips & salad for $11.90.

Fish Fryday!

Welcome to Fryday!!! This weekend we have a slightly different selection of yummy fresh fish; Fresh Red Emperor ($14.50)  Fresh Barramundi ($12.90) Fresh Perch ($11.90) Fresh Atlantic Salmon [...]

Origin Decider

Great night of footy ahead!! Who will take home the win? Well we are prepared. Why not make it a burger night? Hey, Big Fella anyone? We have an extra driver on tonight just so that you can stay [...]

It’s Fresh Fish FryDay!

The new menu is out today guys… be sure to check it out. But the fresh fish is in for the weekend and we have all our favourites instock and ready to go; Fresh Goldband Snapper (reduced to [...]

It’s out TODAY!!

NEW MENU is out today and we are SO EXCITED!! Here is one of our newest additions; Katsu Chook! fresh, crumbed aussie chicken fillet, fried egg, slaw, tonkatsu sauce & wasabi mayo. Only $10.90.

One more sleep!!

Tomorrow you’ll be able to get your hands on the new Chilli Cheese loaded fries, only $7.50 for a small serve or $11.50 for a medium serve. The Chilli Cheese boasts our made-in-house chilli [...]

Salad Bar Upgrade

Check out some of the new salads coming our way; We have the Asian Slaw, Spinach & Beetroot and Pesto Pasta salads joining our Salad Bar. All our salads are made in house from fresh [...]

New Menu Coming!

The new menu is coming along; get ready for an all new chicken burger, new salads, new flavours and a few of our favourites are receiving delicious upgrades  🙂 I wonder what the new chicken [...]

Don’t miss out!

Fresh in for the weekend we have the lovely; Spangled Emperor making an appearance, along with our faithful favourites, Goldband Snapper, Saltwater Barramundi, Atlantic Salmon, Cod (Hake), [...]

Fresh Fish Fryday!

We have fresh Sweetlip in again this week. Along with our favourites; Fresh Goldband Snapper Fresh Barramundi  Fresh Atlantic Salmon; and We are stocked and ready for a great night and weekend ahead.

Gluten Free Batter

Gluten Free Batter has arrived. For all our lovely gluten free customers, we are now offering gluten free batter, its a lovely white tempura like batter that can accommodate potato scallops, sea [...]

Friday Fryday!

Can’t wait to upgrade my Fish, Cal & Chips with a nice fresh piece of Goldband Snapper or maybe I should go The C&C with added beetroot and bacon? I can’t fathom when someone [...]

It’s back!!

After popular demand, the Morning Glory is back! Two rashers of streaky bacon, a fried egg, cheddar cheese & two golden fried hash browns with smoky secret sauce on a tasty milk bun. [...]

Our new store Manager

It seems like a good day for a leadership announcement, and we are thrilled to announce that we have appointed a new Store Manager! Korrina joined Chips & Co. Eatery in January 2018 and has [...]

Mother’s Day weekend!

Exciting weekend ahead; Fresh Goldband Snapper Fresh Barramundi Fresh Sweetlip  Fresh Salmon and some sweet treats, including Blueberry cheesecakes and American style brownies. We also have free [...]

Fresh in today!

Today’s fish selection includes; Fresh Goldband Snapper, Fresh Sweetlip, Fresh Barramundi, Fresh Atlantic Salmon, as well as our favourite staples; Cod, Flake and Whiting. We also have the [...]

Easter Saturday

What are you upto this weekend?  We are cooking up a storm, Saucy Chook & Pig’s and Hey, Big Fella’s on the go.  Plenty of Goldband Snapper and Atlantic Salmon too. Don’t [...]

Good Friday is Here!

We are open!! 11am to 8pm. Fresh Goldband Snapper Fresh Saltwater Barramundi Fresh Atlantic Salmon  Cod Whiting Flake Coral Trout; and Red Spot Emperor The crew are pumped and ready for a fun [...]

Now I’m Salivating!!

Now this is really exciting! We have a small supply of Fresh Blue Eye Trevalla arriving today. This is one of our absolute favourites. Call ahead (5343 3004) to avoid disappointment. I guarantee [...]

March Specials!

This weeks special!!! Introducing; THE MEMPHIS PIG Succulent Memphis style pulled pork, cheddar cheese, fresh made-in-house apple slaw with mayo & smoky bbq sauce. (Limited time)

Fresh Swordfish is here!

And we are ready!!! This weekend we have FRESH SWORDFISH, as well as our favourites; Goldband Snapper, Barramundi, Salmon, Cod, Flake, Whiting and our newest addition, CORAL TROUT. Get in quick [...]


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