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Chips & Co. Eatery - Great Fish, Chips, Chicken & Burgers

You’re invited to indulge in a delicious, made-from-scratch & cooked-to-order menu at Chips & Co. Eatery.

Enjoy our sustainably caught fish, crazy-good calamari, 24-hour twice cooked southern-fried chicken, juicy secret-sauce burgers and a tasty selection of sides with your choice of either crunchy thick cut chips or crispy shoestring fries.

Our crew are driven by an obsession for fresh, delicious food, and we are fanatical about your food experience.

We promise to always cook to order, to support Aussie producers, and to prepare our ingredients from scratch every day; and we guarantee that if you don’t love your meal, we’ll cook it again for free!

Hang out in our BYO casual dining space with free WI-FI, take your meal to go, or have it delivered!

Order online, give us a call, or order in store.

Chips & Co. Eatery. You’ll like it here.

Chips & Co. Eatery - Great Fish, Chips, Chicken & Burgers
Chips & Co. Eatery - Great Fish, Chips, Chicken & Burgers

We’ve Got The Chips

You Bring The Company!

Chips & Co. Eatery - Great Fish, Chips, Chicken & Burgers

If you’re searching for sustainably caught fish, crazy-good calamari, local prawn cutlets, and sumptuous sea scallops; you’ve come to the right place.

We make (most of) our menu from scratch, & always cook to order.

Say NO to pre-battered fish, calamari from a carton, prawns from a packet, & chips in a hot box.

Taste. The Difference.

Our mission is to bring you cooked-to-order, true blue Aussie grown thick cut chips & shoestring fries.

And we believe that beer extract, thickeners, yeast and acidity regulators don’t belong in your chips.

That’s why our crunchy thick cut chips and crispy shoestring fries contain only Aussie potato, the cholesterol free oil we cook them in, and the salt we season them with.

We also slice our own potato scallops, and offer a selection of marvellously messy loaded fries, built on our own recipes.

We’re pleased into introduce the newest member of our menu: Southern-Fried Chicken.

We don’t take any shortcuts with our food, and our Southern-Fried Chicken is no exception.

We portion fresh whole chickens, marinade for 24-hours in our own buttermilk brine, poach until tender, and then dredge in our secret-spiced breading and fry until perfectly golden brown to order.

Keeping. It. Real.

We strongly recommend that you get one of our made-to-order special-sauce burgers involved with your face.

You’ll love our fresh beef & chicken, which is sourced from right here in Queensland, or maybe fish or a veg patty (including a vegan option) is more your style?

We cut, grind and crumb our patties to our own exacting specifications, and add only our secret seasoning when we cook your burger.

Say NO to freezers, patties full of breadcrumbs, and BS.


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Chips & Co. Eatery - Great Fish, Chips, Chicken & Burgers


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